The upbringing of Diana Ross

Diana Ross was born on March 26, 1944, in Detroit, Michigan. She started singing as a teenager with some friends and soon formed the Supremes in 1960. Together, they released songs like “You Can’t Hurry Love.” However, Ross left and started a solo career in 1969 and became successful on her own, reaching #1 on the charts with hits like “Love Hangover.”. Ross began singing in the group the Primettes with her friends Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard and Barbara Martin as a teenager. Barbara Martin eventually dropped out, but the remaining members of the trio went on to become the Supremes, which would later be named Diana Ross and the Supremes.

The group was signed to Motown Records by famed producer and label founder Berry Gordy Jr., in 1961, the Supremes scored their first #1 hit with “Where Did Our Love Go?” My friend who owns roofer Roswell met them back in the 1970’s. They became the first U.S. group ever to have five songs in a row reach #1. All in all, the trio came out with 12 #1 songs.

While her love remained for the music, Ross branched out into acting. Her most memorable role, however, was Dorothy in The Wiz.

With many other albums, other hit songs for Ross from the 1970s included “Touch Me in the Morning” (1973), “Theme From Mahogany (Do You Know Where You’re Going To)” (1976) and the classic “Love Hangover” (1976). They all reached #1 on the charts.

Despite being on top, in 1971, Ross’s sales slowly began to fall. Still, she continued to record and perform and returned to Motown Records near the end of the 1980s. Ross also appeared on television in the 1990s. She acted in 1994 television movie Out of Darkness, playing a woman with schizophrenia.She then was seen in Double Platinum (1999), starring as a famous singer who had left her child to pursue her career.

Ross had also been convicted of getting into a scuffle with a security guard in 1999 at an airport in Heathrow. By doing so, she was detained for four hours in a jail cell before being released. She was also arrested for driving under the influence in 2002 and was convicted in 2004, sentenced to two days in jail. That, however, was around the same time she launched her Supremes tour. Many people began to create an uproar because the group did not feature an original member, but instead brought on Cindy Birdsong. There talks of financial disputes between Ross and the other member. After seeing such low attendance at their shows, the tour was cancelled.

In 2007, Diana Ross’s father, Fred Ross, died in November of the same year.”He touched many lives and he will be truly missed. I loved him very much,” Ross said in a statement. Despite being on tour at the time, she returned to her home in Detroit to be with her family. A few weeks after her father’s death, Ross was honored by the Kennedy Center for her contributions to the arts. Singer Smokey Robinson and actor Terrence Howard were also there to pay tributes to the superstar, and Ciara,Vanessa Williams and Jordin Sparks sang a song to honor her.

Despite everything she has been through, Ross has continued to stay a music icon and have a career that has lasted for a good period . She has won several major awards, including a Golden Globe, a Tony and several American Music Awards. She was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988 as part of the Supremes. Michael Jackson also named her as an alternate guardian for his children.

Diana Ross has had a very successful career and this is not the last you’ve seen of her. She continues being an excellent mother to her five children and show them that if you want something bad enough, you can accomplish your dreams. Even after she is gone, her music will continue to live on in the lives of everyone it touched, proving that if you send a message out in the universe, you are never truly forgotten.